Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I'm bAAaak

Welcome back to my dedicated readership... sorry to leave you hanging for so long. ;)

I'm psyched to be in the midst of training again!! I hope this crazy weather has meant tons of good riding for all. My training plan has started off much more intense than last year, and I can't wait to watch myself get fitter and stronger with each base. I'll be willing to bet that our N.E. spring season will be just about the fastest ever.

With that said... now all I have to do is kick off this festering illness I've been fighting for the past week. The problem is, even when I'm supposed to be resting, I can't sit still. I'm always doing something - even if it's just experimenting in the kitchen (and DAMN have I made some yummy grub lately!) or cleaning. I was sick enough not to go to work yesterday. Mild fever, congestion and nasal nastiness, aches, swollen glands, general malaise. I laid in bed dozing until 11 am, read until 2, then just couldn't sit still any longer so I rearranged all my bike gear, parts, and tools into a storage unit, got all the knitting into under-the-bed storage, did a bunch of laundry, and made baingan bharta (Indian spicy roasted eggplant dish) for dinner. Not bad for feeling so sick. But I didn't ride - despite how nice it looked out - so it still amounted to a restful day for me.

I'm trying to plan out which races will be top goals for me this season. What I can manage in terms of travel (financially as well as balance with my job and coursework) falls far short of my enthusiasm for competition. I laid down some ambitious plans and hope to see much of it come to fruition.

In the news...

Damn, check out Ivan's hot legs!!

And Jan's hair!! (Yes, I have a secret crush on Jan... oops, I guess it's not secret anymore!) This Fat Cyclist column made me crack up today. Cnn Matt should love it, too, since he broke the story on Eki's mullet. :)

The biggest story must be the unveiling of the United Pro Cycling Team. Wow. I hope they can acquire the amount of revenue they need with this new business model to make it a success. I'm looking forward to seeing how this pans out. Could this be a whole new world for domestic pro cycling? Is there a large enough fan base to sustain multiple teams (and bike companies) if United survives? Will middle-aged men on weekend club rides all be riding Viagra frames one day??? (stiffest frames on the market...)


M_A_T_T said...

Well it is about time! Glad to hear you are back in the bike. Heading south during your vacation?

Ace Girrl said...

I kinda wish I was heading somewhere south, but I'm saving my money for racing trips this season. The weather's been so good, travel isn't worth it right now. (Watch us get a blizzard right at the beginning of my vacation week now that I've opened my big mouth...) Maybe someone can fit me into their suitcase. :)