Thursday, February 09, 2006

Persistent Pestilent Pathogen

This virus is kicking my ass. Everyone's sick at school. 13 teachers were out on Tuesday, and I think that number has held for just about every day this week. Everyone seems to have the same thing. I've been fighting this for 8 days now! I haven't ridden since the weekend, and that's really starting to put me in a foul mood. I got some antibiotics - which of course will do me no good if this is in fact a virus - and I thought that today I was starting to feel better. I even thought I might ride this afternoon. But my body is just not right. I've felt very weak. I blacked out today, and almost fainted in front of my students. Caught myself and held my head down for a few moments and regained my vision, but the pressure in my head remained all day. Boy, that'd be a blast - fainting in front of 27 11-year-olds. Luckily it didn't happen.
Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will feel well again. Tomorrow I will ride again.
Saturday, I will ride for hours...

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