Monday, April 24, 2006

Dreary, Dismal Boston

I came back here for this??

For the first time in what feels like forever, I didn't even get on the bike today. And I threw the usual diet out the window... Annie's mac n' cheese and BROWNIES for dinner!
I love the Nature's Path organic brownie mix. I made it with 2 eggs and soy milk, then added chopped walnuts, and organic dark chocolate chips. It will take all that self-control I don't have to keep me from eating them all!
Damn all that did sound like an advertisement... but you gotta support the sponsors!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Vacation's Over

What a week! I had no internet for most of the week in Virginia, so I couldn't share news of the awesome riding. While out in the Blue Ridge, we hooked up with Cowboy's friends from a bike club from Littleton, NH. A big shout out to all of them! I enjoyed everyone's company. Thanks for feeding us and giving us a place to crash!

We chocked up another epic ride, climbing 8,000 feet in just shy of 100 miles. Beautiful weather, sunny, 70s. The dirt road up from Irish Creek Rd was great fun. I am really going to miss that climbing... I've discovered that I actually really enjoy hills/mountains on my bike without the stress of racing up them. I wish I could ride out there once a week!

Friday night it was back to dreary, cold Boston to prepare for my first jump into the NE race scene. I didn't get what I wanted this weekend, either day. After swearing and proclaiming that I was quitting and taking up golf instead, my heart slowed down and I looked back and decided things weren't really that bad. (Besides, I already know I'm a miserable golfer - my first job eons ago was being a caddy.) I made a poor decision in the final kilometer of today's race, but que sera sera. I surprised myself at how good I felt today, and I hope it's a sign of good things to come. I'm looking forward to trying again next weekend. I'm so happy that racing has begun. One of the only things that gets me through my weekdays at work is knowing it's only a few more days until I can race again.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Blue Ridge

Ah! Vacation! I'm having a great time down here in Virginia. Ward and I went to the Blue Ridge Mtns yesterday for an epic ride. 100 miles and around 7,000 feet of climbing. We tackled Horseshoe Mountain on our way out from Rockfish Gap, then took on Montebello, then finally Vesuvius before heading back on the Blue Ridge Parkway, which had lots of climbing as well! It felt epic. There was a 7-mile dirt road descent and Montebello took over a half-hour to climb! When we took the right turn to start the ascent of Vesuvius, I knew we were in for it when I could smell burning brakes lingering in the air from descending vehicles.

When we got ready to ride from Rockfish Gap, it started pouring rain, and it was pretty cold. We had booties on, arm warmers, vest/jackets, leg warmers, and gloves. After about 20 minutes, the sun came out, and we swealtered! What a sight we must have been! Clothes and food stuffed in pockets and under our jerseys! Ward looked like an overweight beer drinker. ;-) (Has he spent too much time around you, Matt? ;-) We overheated and had to stop for tons of extra fluid, but it was still an amazing ride. I enjoyed the climbing so much. I wish I could ride in mountains like this all the time. Each climb has its own personality. Montebello had inconsistent rhythm to it - little steep ups and then it would level slightly then shoot back up. Very tiring. Vesuvius was just steady and brutal. The Blue Ridge Parkway had sections that led steady and straight up, a mirage of endless road.

Another 100-miles tomorrow and beautiful sunny weather in the forecast!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


What a nice day! I paused on my ride home from work to soak up a few sun rays and watch all the sailboats on Mystic Lake. Later on, I got a call from a friend/teammate in the neighborhood who wanted company on an easy spin. We headed up the bike path (ok, multi-use path) and ran into some more good friends. What a nice feeling. The four of us rode together awhile, just spinning and talking while sharing some bike love. All together I saw 7 people I knew well today on an hour long easy spin. I love it. I feel so at home in this community.

That said, I'm also looking forward to getting away for the week. I leave tomorrow for Richmond, and will be riding in the Blue Ridge Mtns with my Cowboy. I can't wait for the warmer weather, big hills, and a strong wheel to chase.

Happy riding, Everyone.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Still On Track

Today was a good day. Made up for yesterday's long-ass drive in the freezing rain and snow to Ninigret where I found only 3 women to race against in the 39-degree pouring rain. So I promptly got my ass back in the car and drove home. Screw that.

My decision to race Wells this morning instead of Tufts with th P/1/2/3 men's field was vindicated when I watched the race this afternoon. Viktor Rapinski lapped the field, which was strung out the entire race. Didn't want to pay to get shelled in that race, so I rode out to Wells this morning for the A race, and had a great time. I have been so tired lately... last week was big week at work and otherwise. I hadn't really trained since Tuesday, just easy spins since then. But I felt great on the bike today. Legs had no snap or jump, but could put out for longer efforts. Felt good to be active in the A race, never saw the back of the field. I feel reassured that my training is still on track now. I just can't wait to really race.

Cowboy WON the Conte's Classic today down in Norfolk, VA. Wish I could have been there to see him riding off the front like a cowboy.
Place # First Last Team

1 289 Ward Solar Natures Path presented by Fuji Pro/Am Cycling Team

2 171 Scottie Weiss Hincapie/Bianchi/Dasani

3 249 Michael Beers Rite Aid Pro Cycling Presented by Snow Valley

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

State of the Union Address

What's startling to me is not that big industry exploits the health and well-being of the general public and advertises sales on mass-farmed cattle, grown in cages and pumped with hormones so they can be slaughtered before natural maturity, then ground up and shipped all over the world to be microwaved and slapped crudely betwen buns made with bleached flour and preservatives and dripping with processed by-product made into an orange-colored gooey consistency with emulsifiers, preservatives, and dyes, [deep breath]
but that the sign actually has to say "LIMIT 10 PER CUSTOMER PER VISIT!"

Just one more...

Do I laugh? Do I weep? (I'd really like to see this hell raisin. We didn't see the raisin as we rode our bikes past this house in Virginia, but were scared enough by the sign's threats not to stick around to wait for it longer than necessary.)