Wednesday, April 12, 2006


What a nice day! I paused on my ride home from work to soak up a few sun rays and watch all the sailboats on Mystic Lake. Later on, I got a call from a friend/teammate in the neighborhood who wanted company on an easy spin. We headed up the bike path (ok, multi-use path) and ran into some more good friends. What a nice feeling. The four of us rode together awhile, just spinning and talking while sharing some bike love. All together I saw 7 people I knew well today on an hour long easy spin. I love it. I feel so at home in this community.

That said, I'm also looking forward to getting away for the week. I leave tomorrow for Richmond, and will be riding in the Blue Ridge Mtns with my Cowboy. I can't wait for the warmer weather, big hills, and a strong wheel to chase.

Happy riding, Everyone.

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M_A_T_T said...

are we going to get blogs from the blue ridge? have a killer time and watch out for Vesuvius. It is brutal.