Sunday, April 09, 2006

Still On Track

Today was a good day. Made up for yesterday's long-ass drive in the freezing rain and snow to Ninigret where I found only 3 women to race against in the 39-degree pouring rain. So I promptly got my ass back in the car and drove home. Screw that.

My decision to race Wells this morning instead of Tufts with th P/1/2/3 men's field was vindicated when I watched the race this afternoon. Viktor Rapinski lapped the field, which was strung out the entire race. Didn't want to pay to get shelled in that race, so I rode out to Wells this morning for the A race, and had a great time. I have been so tired lately... last week was big week at work and otherwise. I hadn't really trained since Tuesday, just easy spins since then. But I felt great on the bike today. Legs had no snap or jump, but could put out for longer efforts. Felt good to be active in the A race, never saw the back of the field. I feel reassured that my training is still on track now. I just can't wait to really race.

Cowboy WON the Conte's Classic today down in Norfolk, VA. Wish I could have been there to see him riding off the front like a cowboy.
Place # First Last Team

1 289 Ward Solar Natures Path presented by Fuji Pro/Am Cycling Team

2 171 Scottie Weiss Hincapie/Bianchi/Dasani

3 249 Michael Beers Rite Aid Pro Cycling Presented by Snow Valley

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