Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gloucester Day 1

I'm off to bed now, and don't want to get caught staying up late writing a blog, but if by chance anyone reads this who is going to Gloucester tomorrow, can you do me a favor?  Your cheers were awesome and inspiring today, but could you shout at me when it's the last lap, so I know when the finish is?  (duh, right?)  I can't believe I thought we had one more to go today.....  Not smart on my part.  It's kind of, um, important to know when your finish is in a race, no?  

(Now that I've written that, I'm afraid I shouldn't have publicly admitted to it, and I am really regretting that I said anything to the reporters post-race.... )

Okay, I'm psyched for more Gloucester tomorrow!  I'm feeling pretty good, although not in top form yet.  I felt like I had a sort of "governor' on the gas pedal today.  I will race well tomorrow.