Saturday, October 11, 2008

Gloucester Day 1

I'm off to bed now, and don't want to get caught staying up late writing a blog, but if by chance anyone reads this who is going to Gloucester tomorrow, can you do me a favor?  Your cheers were awesome and inspiring today, but could you shout at me when it's the last lap, so I know when the finish is?  (duh, right?)  I can't believe I thought we had one more to go today.....  Not smart on my part.  It's kind of, um, important to know when your finish is in a race, no?  

(Now that I've written that, I'm afraid I shouldn't have publicly admitted to it, and I am really regretting that I said anything to the reporters post-race.... )

Okay, I'm psyched for more Gloucester tomorrow!  I'm feeling pretty good, although not in top form yet.  I felt like I had a sort of "governor' on the gas pedal today.  I will race well tomorrow.


BeastGP said...

Awww crap I saw this too late. Sorry I blew my chance to help for once!

weak and feeble said...

We were bummed we couldn't make it down, the girls were hoping to be able to clanging the cow bells and screaming for you. They were psyched to see your name on the podium list both days- good work!

weak and feeble said...

Good luck this weekend, hope to read on Monday that you took the series lead!

Ride fast.


Zoo said...

Congrats on the Verge Leader's Jersey!

sarah said...

I had a great time watching the women race at Goddard Park this year. I posted a bunch of pics on my blog including a couple of you, so you might want to see those. Yeah, I was there with my cowbell last year too! Hope you will update your blog again soon!

Eric said...

Rebecca -

I have some great photos of you from Sterling. Check out my flickr site ( If you want any of the hi-res, let me know and I will e-mail them to you (contact info on my flickr site)