Sunday, April 23, 2006

Vacation's Over

What a week! I had no internet for most of the week in Virginia, so I couldn't share news of the awesome riding. While out in the Blue Ridge, we hooked up with Cowboy's friends from a bike club from Littleton, NH. A big shout out to all of them! I enjoyed everyone's company. Thanks for feeding us and giving us a place to crash!

We chocked up another epic ride, climbing 8,000 feet in just shy of 100 miles. Beautiful weather, sunny, 70s. The dirt road up from Irish Creek Rd was great fun. I am really going to miss that climbing... I've discovered that I actually really enjoy hills/mountains on my bike without the stress of racing up them. I wish I could ride out there once a week!

Friday night it was back to dreary, cold Boston to prepare for my first jump into the NE race scene. I didn't get what I wanted this weekend, either day. After swearing and proclaiming that I was quitting and taking up golf instead, my heart slowed down and I looked back and decided things weren't really that bad. (Besides, I already know I'm a miserable golfer - my first job eons ago was being a caddy.) I made a poor decision in the final kilometer of today's race, but que sera sera. I surprised myself at how good I felt today, and I hope it's a sign of good things to come. I'm looking forward to trying again next weekend. I'm so happy that racing has begun. One of the only things that gets me through my weekdays at work is knowing it's only a few more days until I can race again.

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