Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ace Girl Does More Than Bike and Think About Biking and Dream About Biking

Really, I do. (At least this time of the year.)

I am a teacher of music.
I say 'teacher' before 'music' because in reality, I spend 90% or more of my time at school trying to get middle school kids to be responsible for their actions and generally grow into nice people and about 10% actually teaching something relating to music.

This is my alto. And the music beneath it is what I was working on this afternoon instead of riding in the monsoon. I've been playing so much more now that racing's on hiatus. Both classical and jazz. My chops are coming back, and it feels so good.


cyclingpt said...

hey there paco... good to see you talking about something other than cycling... Just kidding!!! Thanks for checking out my blog!! You rock!!!

cyclingpt said...

so, i know that this is a longshot, but do you wanna get outta here???

cyclingpt said...

"...who are you looking for baby? I am right here..."