Monday, January 02, 2006

The Bike Less Ridden

Custom ti IF. One of the first 10 ever made as IF began its foray into titanium. Full old-school XTR. Sexy. Perhaps not quite as hot as TR's tricked out Seven Sola, but oh what a great ride. It fits me, long-legged and short-torsoed and all. And yes, it used to get ridden. A lot, in fact! It loves twisty, rooty, rocky New England singletrack, especially Leominter SF and 'Nam. The bottle cage is there to hold the battery for my lights... aah night riding! My heart is pounding just thinking about it.

The Bike Much Less Ridden...
My singlespeed mountain bike. The trails at Bear Brook, NH, are great for this kind of riding - rolling singletrack. I never perfected the gearing, but I've got 32 x 19 on there, Surly Singulator with a BMX freewheel in back. 2.25 fatty rubber on there. And yes, the bike has been with me Moab... in its previous incarnation, before it lost its gears. That's not a poser sticker on the top tube.

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