Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Okay, okay!

I can't believe how many people have commented about what a deadbeat blogger I am.  
So here's the scoop:

School ended and I began classes at Boston Conservatory just 2 or 3 days later in an intensive summer program.  I have been adjusting to a new schedule with a commute to Boston and lots of work to do!  I haven't figured out how to train, get to class, get my assignments done and eat well all, and get to bed before midnight all in the same day yet.  
First I was bummed that there was no women's race at the Cox Crit this year, then I was bummed that the women's race was cut at Boloco on Sunday, last night I was bummed that I missed the race in CT, and I am now bummed that I can't make it to Exeter tonight.  I've got class in Boston until 4:35, so there's no way I can make a 6 pm race in NH.  And the Wompatuck training race tonight was cancelled, so guess I'm on my own for an opener for Fitchburg.  Really, I hate to say this, but it's true.  Cycling is actually on the back burner right now.  Yikes!  That's why I have been such a deadbeat blogger.  My program ends at the end of the first week in August, though, so then I will be able to get racing hard again.  (Why can't Superweek be in August!  Boo, hoo.  But I will be mackin' it for cross with all this taking it easy in July!!)

Ok, I'd write more, but I really have got to get some work done before class.....

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weak and feeble said...

just think how rested you'll be for cross season!