Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New Ride

I've discovered an easier way to bike to class!
Ward and his dad have matching 1980 Hondas.  Its got a little 125cc engine, 4-spds, and I got it up to 45mph on the way home on Mystic today.  Although there's no clutch, you do have to shift with your left foot.  I've got my motorcycle permit, so I'm legal, and I rode to class today.  I loved cruising over the Mass Ave bridge with the sun out, the boats on the water, the wind blowing me.  The bike needs a tune-up, though.  It kept stalling on me when idling, so I had to keep the throttle on while stopped in neutral to keep it going.  It died on me probably 8 times on Mass Ave in the traffic/lights between Porter and Comm Ave in Boston, and I had to KICK START it right there in traffic to get it going again, no pressure.  It was a lot to handle my first day riding the bike, but alls well that ends well, I made it home JUST before the thunderstorm.  So forget about new bikes... now I want my own motorcycle!  ;-)


Zoo said...

oh no...she's heading over to the dark side!

startfinish said...

The dark side indeed. You might as well go all the way and get yourself a matching Hummer too. There would be lots of room for saxophones.

Saxophone playing is kind of like biking in that, you have to have a bike/sax for every occasion. There is the road bike/alto sax, the cross bike/tenor, and the MTB/baritone. Those that are completely obsessed also have a time trial/soprano. But unless you are a trialthlete or Kenny G, that last one is optional and should probably be avoided if possible cause they are both pretty annoying. Although, come to think of it, Kenny does hold the world record for cycle breathing on the saxophone. I wonder if he rides?

Anyway, congrats on a fine win at Yarmouth. Check out my report on the race at

(Sorry to self-promote in your comments section, but I couldn't get the link to your email to work. Please forgive.)

Paul the Announcer

Tim Shea said...

Hi Rebecca! Thanks for letting me tag along at Bow. It was fun watching the sprint develop. Following is the link to Barbara's blog on her breast cancer fund drive scooter ride to Atlanta. She has done well for a first time blogger!

gwadzilla said...


that is not a moped!

that is a small motorcycle!

be safe!

the small motorcycle is better than breaking your back with that pack!