Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fitchburg Circuit Race

Hard to believe, but I was 23rd in the circuit race, RR, and TT.  I was also born on the 23rd, but not in July.  I was hoping to hop in a break today, but the break that stuck went early and I just didn't suspect that it would be the one!  I didn't think it had the right mix of riders for Colavita and Cheerwine to let it go, especially with sprint points on the line.  So, I was just in the field the whole time.  The New England Raceweek Sprint Points were offered every other lap with stage race sprint points, so the tempo stayed pretty high.  (We can talk later about how I feel about "NE Raceweek" and its yellow jersey even though only 3 of the 5 raceweek races had women's races!!!  Or maybe we don't need to talk and you can just guess how I feel about it.) Back to the circuit race...
The hill on the course is really a great hill for me, and I enjoyed powering up it each lap.  Good for the legs!  Going into the downhill on the last lap, I wanted the outside line into the corner, so I moved up the left side.  My teammates Mary and Sally were on the left, so I went by them and they grabbed my wheel.  I pedaled up next to Tina and her Colavita leadout train with Sally and Mary on my wheel.  I churned into the hill but lost juice about 1/2 way up since I had been out in the wind grinding on the whole descent.  Sally finished 7th, Mary not far behind that, and I was - of course - 23rd.  Good day, but always looking for better.  My legs and lungs are still opening up, and I will feel even better tomorrow.  

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