Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Feels like I'm in limbo. Cross season is still on for those lucky enough to still be racing. My roadie friends and teammates have of course already been training for asphalt. Me? I'm sitting on the couch eating pie, hoping I don't get fat, and wondering when I'll be "chomping at the bit" to begin training again for road. I feel guilt that I'm not riding, but I don't think that's appropriate motivation on which to base my training plan.

Went cross country skiing at Waterville on Saturday. A hard first ski of the season - 2.5 hours and a good amount of climbing. Sunday I did less. Went on a short snowshoe in the morning, then took some turns on the snowboard at Black Mtn in Jackson, NH. Uninspired by the conditions at the small ski area and feeling it wasn't worth the long, slow chairlift ride in the single digit air, Ward and I left. He and Sven did a big backcountry adventure beginning early Saturday, skinning up Wildcat in tele gear and skiing down the backside on the Wildcat Valley trail down in to Jackson. I wanted to join, but didn't have appropriate gear and I wasn't sure I had the skills. I got lucky and picked up some tele boots on consignment in the bargain basement of the Rugged Mtn shop in North Conway. Now I can tele ski this weekend!

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