Monday, January 07, 2008

Back to Life

I'm back in the swing of things, work and play, although isn't it hard after a particularly good vacation? Not only did vacation end, but so did my race season and 10 months of training and racing. If I weren't exhausted, I might feel depressed, but I don't think I even have the energy for such self-absorption. Life feels flipped on end.

Ward and I bought a new car, a Honda Element, picked it up Friday afternoon and promptly stuffed it full of ski and snowboard equipment and headed north to the mountains. Might as well test its versatility in our lifestyle immediately. We visited his parents, our friends Matt and Martha and their cute new baby, then went night snowboarding at Bretton Woods Sat night and spent all of Sunday on the mountain. So, I am left with a dilemna: do I prefer skiing or snowboarding? (Life is tough, eh?) I think it comes down to the conditions, really. Powder = ride. Firmer = ski (I like the "comfort" of two edges on ice.) Packed groomers = either! The snow was great at Bretton Woods this weekend, and I split my time between one board and two. I've got a pair of used tele skis on loan (before purchase) so all I need is some boots, and I'll be good to go. Talk about strength building: doing lunges on skis all day. Look out for my sprint this road season!

The season's over, but every night, bike racing somehow infiltrates my dreams. Last night, my dream had to do with getting my bike assembled before a 4 pm race start, and I needed a part for the threaded headset. One of my collegues at work said confidently they could fix it, but he ended up ripping it apart with a huge adjustable wrench, and then I feared I would miss my start. (Strange from many angles, and when was the last time I rode a bike with a threaded headset??) Somehow, and for some reason, cycling is a part of my dreams every night. I think I seriously need to unwind and release and have some fun for awhile. Time to ski and eat! I plan to spend at least another week off the bike, although I'm getting nervous since I've relaxed a little bit (ok, more than a little bit) in my eating habits and have gained a few pounds.

I made a new dish tonight, it's called Tzimmes. I found it in a cookbook, and it is savory! Sweet potatoes, white potatoes, and carrots, simmered with prunes, cinnamon, ginger, orange zest, and brown sugar. The cookbook said it is a traditional Jewish dish, usually served on the New Year. It's going in my book of favorites. I'll send you the recipe if you'd like.

I never write much about work, after all, this is supposed to be a bike racer blog, but I'm starting something new at work that might be worth mentioning. I'm teaching world percussion to my 6th grade music classes. We have a whole set of percussion including congas, talking drums, hand drums, shakeres, agonkua bells (I know I spelled that wrong), and other goodies. It's going to be a fun new challenge, and it'll liven things up in the work end of my life. (As if teaching 5th and 6th grade music wasn't "lively" enough!) I'm enjoying it so far, and I think I might even attend a monthly drum circle for extra fun.

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Erica said...

What to do on a sick day: Sit at home and read Rebecca's blog - Thanks for giving me something to do!

Also - that recipe sounds delicious! If you get a chance I would love it. I am always on the watch out for new yummy things to eat!!