Friday, January 18, 2008

Blauberg in My Dreams

I dreamed last night that I had the chance to head back to Belgium, and of course I went! Then I was back in Blauberg, but was upset that I couldn't stay long, and then I was late for the airport and had forgotten to pack my two bikes, and OH NO: I was going to be late for work.

A BIG part of me wishes I was still there racing. I want to go back, and for longer than 10 days.

I've been thinking about everyone over there still racing, and I hope you're enjoying.
I will probably think about Belgium at least for a little while tomorrow while I'm gliding over the trails at Waterville Valley on my skate skis tomorrow.


Sven said...

It was good to see you this weekend. Next time we'll all hit the slopes together.


joscelin said...

oh rebecca
i wish you had stayed longer too.
we had a great time in january....