Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Weekend on Skis!

We couldn 't wait any longer for the snow to come! Early Saturday morning we left for Great Glen, hoping the conditions would be better than expected. The skiing wasn't actually too bad, considering Mother Nature has been less than generous on their excellent trail system. We tried out the tubing, too, then headed to Jackson for a fun evening at the Shannon Door pub.

Saturday night it snowed. Just a couple of fluffy inches, but enough to provide the perfect topping to the well-groomed trails at the Balsams. The conditions were great, and the skiing was incredibly challenging. I think we're headed back this weekend. I'd still rather be skiing than riding outside in the freezing cold right now. But most of all, I wish I was CROSS RACING!!!! I miss it. Our season is too short. I think I've been a bit depressed since the end of the season, and I've hardly touched the bike. (It's hard to feel supermotivated after an exciting cross season to do 3-4 hour road rides in 20-degree weather.) Anyways, congrats to the amazing performances of Katie Compton (oh! to lose by only 1 second), Jonathan Page, Danny Summerhill, and the whole National Team on their World Cup finshes! Sweet ride for unsung hero Rhonda Mazza in 11th place!!!

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