Sunday, March 11, 2007

From snow to bike!

Yeah, I know this blog has been neglected far too long. It needs to be totally revamped. Stay tuned, I'll get to it soon...

I'm off the ski slopes and hiking trails now, and on the bike everyday. I have a great cycling team this year, and my motivation to train is back in a big way.

Here are some pics from a few weeks ago. Snowshoeing from the top of Cannon Mtn down past Lonesome Lake. What a dumping of snow!!

Ward taught me to telemark, too. Forget weightlifting... try lunging on skis all day! Holy crap! I was soooo sore for the next few days!

Okay, off to bed....

1 comment:

weak and feeble said...

Cool- another Tele chick! Make sure Ward takes you up to the snowfields for a few turns in May!