Sunday, January 14, 2007

Recent Moments of Fame

Aah. Nats. The best minute and a half racing I've ever had. :) Okay, kidding about that, I have had lots of great race moments, but it was really exciting to be up there with Katie and Georgia. I stayed in third until the road section on top, when I realized (thanks to AHM yelling at me) that I would blow up trying to maintain that pace for the whole race. I let the chase group behind me catch, and the rest is history. Thanks for all your cheers and support. It was incredible to hear so many people cheering my name at the races like partners in my suffering.

Check it out!!
I had a great time at the NEBRA banquet last night.
I was honored to receive both the road race champion and cyclocross champion jerseys!
David Manibal, the President of the 2007 Montreal-Boston Tour was on hand to whet our appetites for the new tour! Sounds awesome. I wish I were a man so I could race it! (Let's not read too much into that one, k?)
So, any ideas on how I can get the time off work so I can race the Montreal World Cup this year?? Or Nature Valley?? Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful for July and August. Few people have the flexibility teachers do to race during the summer. But "waaaaaaah!!!" There is so much good racing in June! To redesign my life... to devote to cycling...
oh, I so want to.

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weak and feeble said...

now you just need to find a good private school that ends its year in May, provides housing, has a cycling team that you can train with and coach, has it's own nordic system so ward can get hired as a groomer....- hmmm what about Gould or Hebron?