Saturday, July 29, 2006

reality sets in now that i've stopped pedaling for a moment

I can't believe this, but I've barely ridden my bike at all since July 16th. I decided I needed rest after Superweek, and then I got really sick Monday. I have been too sick to ride all week. Doesn't it seem you always get sick on rest week??
I think this has become my rest before starting training with cross season in mind. By the way, it's only 44 days until the first NE cross race, Northfield. :) But now I'm home, with lots of time to sell my things and contemplate my life. I've sold my fixed gear, old cross frame, and now my kayak is going today. I might sell a snowboard and some other bike(s), too. I need change, and some for my wallet, too.

The following is not traditional race blog-fare. I'm definitely frustrated right now, and maybe some of this is venting... or spinning my wheels complaining and not getting myself anywhere while feeling overwhelmed.

First, the good part: Ward is going to come live with me sometime this fall. We are very excited! But my lease is up end of August (not that he could move in here anyway), and we need a home! I had no idea the search would be so difficult. Places go so quickly, and we don't make enough mooolah to live comfortably around here, given the astronomical rent prices. Oh, and we have something like 9 bicycles between us and need parking for TWO vehicles?? I can't imagine living in a brick apartment house with a single coin-op washer/dryer in the basement. Can you see us dragging 3 or 4 muddy cross bikes up the stairs into a little studio or one-bedroom and throwing soggy kits in a washer shared by the whole building? Outdoor hose, please! Maybe some of you folks deal with this and can give me some advice. I want to find something in a house with basement storage, not an apartment complex. We'd be happy to live with others, especially if they were of the athletic/active/health conscious mold. We're also considering living with one car between us, but it depends a little on what work Ward can find when he moves up here and if we can find a place to live close enough to my job in Wakefield that I can commute reliably by bike.

There, I've spun my wheels enough, and probably wasted your time, too. If you know of anyone in the Boston area who might want two in-house riding (and skiing) buddies who love to cook and make a house feel like home, pass the word on to me. I think I'll put a "housing wanted" listing on Craigslist.


Isabelle said...

Come to Bend! $775/mo buys you a 2 BR w/ 2 car garage (fits 17 bikes)and you'll never need A/C. The 'cross scene is cool, and there are mountains out your back door.

JJ said...

you coming to defend your title at Sucker Brook????

M_A_T_T said...

now that you have a cool boyfriend, you don't blog anymore?

i can take him away as fast as i introduced him you know?!?!?