Tuesday, July 25, 2006

here, there, and everywhere

From Wisconsin, Ward and I headed back to his place in Richmond. Sick of the Ohio-PA drive, we decided to take a little detour through my old college stomping grounds of Bloomington, IN, then take I-64 through Kentucky and WV for a more scenic ride. What fun it was to be back in Bloomington and show off where I went to school! It did make me sad, though. I spent 5 years studying there and not only do I miss it, but due to my devotion to cycling, I also haven't done anything significant to further my chosen career since I graduated. Bloomington has, unfortunately, succumbed to the amoeba-like sprawl that defines our American existence. The beautiful, rural,condo unit I rented for a few years used to overlook nothing but rolling fields. Now, tens of new buildings packed together like sardines blemish the landscape. Even more big retailers have staked their claim, as well, but luckily the campus, Kirkwood, and downtown are as beautiful, vibrant, and charming as ever. I got to eat burritos with Ward at one of my favorite places: the Laughing Planet!

We continued on to Richmond, trying to save money by camping road-side when our eyes couldn't stay open any longer. We arrived in Richmond exhausted and very sick of driving. I went along with the Nature's Path boys on a morning coffeeshop easy spin into the city. Now I'm here fighting a cold, and Ward's off racing in Altoona. I'm feeling a bit burnt out and need to take some rest before another assault on the rest of the season. I think I need to head back up to Boston and start apartment hunting since my lease is up the end of next month. It will be hard to race Green Mtn if I'm moving!! I'm getting really discouraged about how much housing costs in the Boston area... here in Richmond, the roads are great, there's ac (which I never cared for but now I'm getting used to!), and good company. Why am I heading back to Boston??
Oh, yeah.... New England cyclocross! (Oh, and yeah, gosh, I have a job there.)

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