Monday, July 17, 2006

catching up

It is exactly 2 months until the infamous Suckerbrook cyclocross race.
Just thought that was worth mentioning on this sweltering hot July day in Milwaukee.

I have so many entries to post! Where to begin?! Maybe Fitchburg? The entries will be brief!

This year’s Fitchburg was the most enjoyable yet! We put together a sort of dream team of composite riders with the same goal: to ride all for the team. Anna, Sarah, Kele, Hiroko, Kami, Tom, and I had a great time working together. I wish I could always have all these girls as my teammates!!

After a super fun Fitchburg, Ward and I went to share a relaxing visit with his parents way up in Northern NH. And I do mean Northern… brush up on your French because you can probably spit across the border. We had a great time lying poolside and relaxing with views of Mount Washington and its Presidental range surrounding us. On the Fourth we kept it simple, driving down to Gorham and eating ice cream and taking in the local fireworks from a secluded spot atop an old (abandoned) railroad trestle.

Ward finally had a chance to clear some more trees from his land in preparation for laying a foundation and building a house someday – hopefully in the not-too-distant future. A secluded hilltop with beautiful views of the Presidentials that’s just a few miles from town will make the home a skiing, hiking, and biking paradise one day.

Ok, I know there's much more I have to write, but we've got to head to the men's Holy Hill Road Race now to feed the Nature's Path boys. :) More soon!

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gewilli said...

two posts in two weeks!

bravo (thumbs up)


(i think i saw you at Cox... maybe - was that your gang yellin at Ward?)