Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Stars Align

I guess the stars aligned. And little luck and some proper execution also came together to get me a win at the Palmer road race on Sunday. I managed to remain patient most of the race and then put myself on the Advil-Chapstick team's lead out train at the finish. Luckily, I came around all of them!

Saturday at Sturbridge I felt great but botched the finish. I would comment that the ambulance on the course and police motioning for us to slow down at 1K to go didn't help the situation, but that would be an excuse that doesn't cut it. I wasn't patient, and didn't choose the right wheel. Got out front too early, then boxed in when attacks went up the sides. I ended up at the back in a blink, then popped out into the wind on the side and drag sprinted myself to an insignificant 9th place. But I felt strong and capable of winning, and I'm happy with that.

I am so encouraged by the level of women's racing in New England this spring. Ok, I admit that this was not the case after my experience at Turtlepond... I was very frustrated by the "chase everything and sit up and ride slow" mentality of the pack that day. But this weekend alleviated my fears of a slow season. The races were active and relatively fast. A couple of teams such as Advil-Chapstick and Wheelworks and several strong individual riders kept things lively, and I had tons of fun. I look forward to Jiminy and Williams this weekend!

Somehow, between the races this weekend, I found time to see an amazing performance at the Wang Theatre Saturday night. G-Man took me to see Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre. Absolutely amazing! I was moved almost to tears several times, goosebumps most of the show. An unbelievable union of athleticism and artistry. Go see them someday!!!! I know next to nothing about dance and fell in love with it. The music was awesome, too, all jazz and African-American spirituals.

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