Monday, May 08, 2006

je ne sais quoi

Aah, Jiminy. What feels different about Jiminy compared to other races? It has that je ne sais quoi of epic potential. Although I suppose our 60km can hardly qualify as epic. So after I jumped too early and cracked on the climb, the pack caught me and subsequently spit me out like stale chewing gum. I watched everyone duke it out for the top 6 places, all the while thinking, "Damnit!! There it goes: another year and no mug!!" Yeah, I made a big mistake. I started the race with a growling stomach and then didn't eat anything and barely drank anything during the race. (Partly because I didn't want to take my hands off the bars for fear I'd die in a very squirrely open field.) I had felt good, but I really think I just simply ran out of juice. I just suddenly couldn't go anymore. By the time I got back to my car I was shaking and feeling a bit dizzy. I did finish - I'm just not listed in the results, so I don't even have to tell you where. ;-) Oh, if I could do it again! Well, I guess I can... next year.

I think my legs were still recovering on Sunday from Saturday's fuel depletion because they felt tired and heavy warming up. I opened up once the racing began, though, and the Wheelworks women put me to the test with constant attacks. Oh! And I LOVED THIS COURSE!!!! The Williams course was sooooo much fun!! I think I must have been smiling on my bike through the pain. I managed to get off the front with Amy, which was sure to succeed with Kami and the rest of the Verizon team keeping things contained behind us. While Amy and I slowed our tempo over the last 5 laps, the pack sped up with multiple riders trying to break. This meant that as we crested the hill with only one to go, the pack was visible charging up behind us! With Wheelworks riders on front of the charge, I knew Amy would be the cat not the mouse on this lap. I felt we really could be caught, decided my best choice was to go unexpectedly early. I scurried at the tennis courts and never looked back. It was a long uphill sprint, and I was lucky to hit the line first. What a fun race!

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cyclingpt said...

You ROCK chicka!!! I wish I had been there to see you kick some ASS. Thanks for stopping by after the race, It was good to see you. I will see you tomorrow at Sushi!!!