Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wompatuck and Spring Cleaning

Tuesday night = Wompi Time! Ward and I headed south to Wompatuck State Park for a fun Tuesday night training race. I felt pretty good, but when I tried bridging to a break at one point in the race, it became painfully obvious to me that I have a ways to go in building my stamina.
I love training races with the guys. So much fun: tons of attacks, bridging, chasing, sprinting, all the good stuff in bike racing, and all in the spirit of good competition. None of the negative racing New England women have to suffer through so often. (I guess men have to deal with it sometimes, too: I heard the men's P/1/2 at Myles Standish last weekend was pretty much the bottom of the barrel negative New England racing.) So that is why I love training races.
Looking forward to Wells again this Sunday.

So I've been spring cleaning this week! What amazing weather! And now a clean house to go along with it. Time to head out for a few hours on the bike, and then I have a late afternoon/evening audition and interview at the Boston Conservatory. Wish me luck!

Check this blog out:
Some cool reports from the spring classics - I miss Belgium! I'd love to be there in spring.

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dynamicduo said...

Hey Rebecca,

It was cool to see you again after a long season of cross. Will be down in the US to race Jiminy Peaks and Bear Mountain. Maybe we can catch up at these races? Hey, by chance is your team doing Tour du Montreal and if so, do you need any riders?