Thursday, December 27, 2007

Begijnendijk Ride

So I was sitting here at the table, eating my lunch of a ham and brie on fresh bakery whole grain bread and tomato soup with Marscapone cheese, when Mark alerted me that the Begijnendijk group ride would be coming by momentarily. I dropped my sandwich, grabbed my camera, and ran to the door. This local ride passes our house on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. The clip is actually only of half the group. There are two groups of 50 riders each, and the second group followed a minute after (but I had returned to my sandwich).

This is just a typical group ride here. On the way home from a trip to a bike shop this morning, we saw a group ride of about 25 older people, not racers, just normal people, out together on their cruisers enjoying the day. I love this country!


Moveitfred said...

Here in NY that semi would have taken out the entire pack blocks ago. Nice reports!

Brooke said...

I'm so glad your having a great experience. Good luck in the race tomorrow!

Go to the Trexlertown, PA area for twice a week similar LARGE group rides. It's a blast to be riding in one.

Geronimo K said...

Keep up the strong work Rebecca. You certainly enjoy your rest and then you'll build on the experiences to be even stronger next year! Dig extra deep friday since it's your last race!

Greg said...

Indeed that semi made me instinctively sweat given the prototypical American driving sentiment towards cyclists.

But that group ride reminds me of Boulder! Ha!

Keep laying the smack down Rebecca "I'm not Bart" Wellons.