Monday, October 08, 2007


Photo from Dave Chiu, super-photographer! Now, if only I could work on improving my expression....
No time to write in-depth tonight, need to sleep, but wanted to post SOMETHING.

I love cross. The people are awesome. Friends, teammates, cross nuts who fly over from BELGIUM to see their main man race (they LOVED the Bart Wellens kickboxing t-shirt!), kind people who give me feeds (thank you, Eric!) and give me bike exchanges even though I have nobody in the pit for me (thank you, Mark)!

Had lots of fun this weekend in Southampton despite my first-lap flat on Saturday. Flatted HERE. Wah! I know, I'm complaining - it's cross, and this stuff happens. It was actually the first time I've EVER flatted in a cross race, so really, I am very lucky. I just wish it didn't happen in the race with the biggest women's prize purse in North America!! (Okay, I'll put away my violin.) The courses were fast and dry and dusty and the racing was HARD. And I can hardly believe how fast Katie and Lyne are this year!

I dragged my tired butt out of bed this rainy morning to head to Jamestown to race the men's P/1/2/3 road race. Good training, and I think I beat a few guys even though I was at the back at the start of the final climb.

See ya in Middleboro tomorrow night for more 'cross fun???

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anthonyparent said...

You think you may have beat me at Jamestown? No, you beat me. But truth be told, if I had my carbon-fiber water bottle cages you wouldn't have stood a chance. Fa fa fa. Serious, great job not getting stuck in the myriad gaps that the field opened up all over the island. You got some power there sister.