Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Breathing Chronicles

Today was my biggest effort yet towards getting well. I rested all day. Napped, read, knitted a little. I can't take being sick anymore! Too bad Saturday's race in PA is pre-reg only.... I have to decide on making the trip by noon tomorrow. I really want to race.

A pic I meant to share 2 weekends ago... I was sitting sadly in my papazan chair, knitting by the window in our sunroom, missing out on the excitement of racing Canton, when Mr. Squirrel appeared climbing on the screen. Kind of cool to be able to climb all over the side of houses and stuff.

Wow, I wish I had something better to write about.

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Zoo said...

Rebecca, I hope you get better, it sucks being sick. At least it didn't happen in the middle of the road season when you were on vacation. You could always just do the Durham, NH race if you don't feel up to the drive down to PA. It's hard to believe that you're sick with the results you got this past weekend. Great Job!!!