Saturday, June 17, 2006


I wish I could update my blog on the long drive home each Sunday night. Once the work/training week begins, I really have no energy for anything else. I had so many great ideas to write about here last weekend, and now none come to mind! I'm writing this now to get it out before I leave for West Chester in a few minutes - twilight crit tonight. I'm going to post some pictures, so there's something to look at!

I was nervous and excited for the Liberty Classic. I've been riding well, but this was to be the biggest race I've ever been in. Biggest in terms of field size, in terms of competition, and in terms of "pomp and circumstance," of you will.

The opening miles were just plain scary - nerves, crowd yelling, cones to dodge, curbs, and medians. Oh, and it was very windy, too. I tried to stay out of trouble, but I guess sometimes it's just a matter of luck. Then it happened. I don't know why or how, the the two girls in front of me went down. I must not have been right on their wheels because I was able to lock it up, skid, and land on my foot. But there was no way around. I was about to breathe a sigh of relief! Yes! I made it - and began to make my way through/around the fallen riders, but then smash! I was hit hard from behind. Trying to ride forward was now useless, my rear Zipp wheel was crunched and the hub was flopping around with no spoke tension - only the tubbie was holding it all together.

I got a wheel change, but it wasn't centered in the drop the first time, so it took twice. Only a couple short miles remained until the first climb up Manayunk. I chased. Hard. Didn't catch a full group until just before Lemon Hill. Nobody wanted to work. I put my head in the wind and pushed, hoping not to get pulled. I just wanted to finish the race.

It was totally surreal riding your disappointed heart out through the start/finish straight with an enormous screen showing live footage from the front of the race as you roll beneath.

Our group got pulled after 2 laps.

I have so much more to say, but I have to get on the road now!! I'll have to add to this later. School's out Friday, so hopefully I'll have more time to update regularly then!

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M_A_T_T said...

good pics. see you at Cox.

You need a wheel?