Monday, March 06, 2006


Life has been good lately! This weekend was truly epic. One of the best weekends all winter. (The other great one was a day trip up Mt. Lafayette.)

I got an invite to head up north to ski with some ski bum bike racers. :) I left the bike behind (although yeah, I felt guilty that I'd be missing my long weekend rides, so I at least got in an additional hour-and-a-half on Friday afternoon after my sprints). I packed nordic and alpine skis, and my snowboard.

Leaving Boston early Saturday, the skies were clear, sun shining, so I expected a fun but potentially icy day on the slopes. The sun was out until I hit Plymouth, but windblown flurries whipped around through Franconia Notch. By the time I got all the way to Matt & Martha's, it was clear there was much more accumulation. Having missed out on good times on the slopes (or nordic trails) due to mother nature's torment this year, I got really excited!! We arrived at Bretton Woods to find tons of powder!

Damn! These Northlanders are FAST and SMOOTH on skis. (Another video of Martha coming - technical difficulties...) Being a novice skier (I'm more of a boarder, but not even too skilled at that), I was a bit nervous skiing with such experienced skiiers, but after burying myself face first (and actually, backwards more than once, I won't try to explain that) in the pow a couple of times I mostly kept up ok, just much less gracefully.

An amazing day on the slopes was capped off with a beer in the lodge, good company, and the brassy riffs of a good cover band's horn section. Life is good, well, except that I regret forgetting to have my picture taken with Captain Morgan before leaving the lodge, and I fear this blog entry may have suffered in its absence.

It kept snowing all night, and the next morning we enjoyed more spectacular snow on the slopes before 8:30. It snowed until Sunday afternoon, and I think they got around 2 feet of snow! Clark Kent - yes, I am convinced he is Superman in the flesh - how else do you get on a cereal box? - although we couldn't convince him to get out the red Speedo... wait! maybe it was Matt who had the red speedo... well anyways I digress... we hit the nordic trails for awhile to get some skating in, but then put the alpine gear back on to get even more runs in! Like I said, it was just epic. Like I said, life is good.

By the way, have you ever seen synchronized ski dancers??


M_A_T_T said...

Sweet Post. You can come up anytime if you always bring 2' of Pow!

cowboysolar said...

by the way it was Matt with the red speedo!! My big butt doesn't fit into those XS.


M_A_T_T said...

If you or any of your readers want a photo of me in my red speedo, just let me know.