Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Final Prep for the Big Dance

Great weather for riding at dusk tonight... 27 degrees with 14 degree wind chill and 25 mph wind gusts. Oh, and snow flurries. Actually, it really wasn't that bad, except my feet got chilly after an hour. Maybe I'll ride to school (work) tomorrow. I'm being observed by the principal, though, and have to appear "put together."

I'm having dreams about nationals already. Last night I had the race of my life and took second... yeah, then I woke up. I'm happy that I'll have a front row start. This weekend should be lots of fun!

Ok, made spicy peanut noodles and vegetables for dinner tonight and now time to put my new Frogglegs on my Voodoo.

On a parting note... check out this ridiculous truck I saw on the drive home from Saturday's race. I wish I got a better picture of the side - it had "Greenpeace" graphics printed on the side! (Right above the double fuel tanks...)

It's like a Ford V-12 or something ass'inine. It's hard to see how absurd it is just from the pic. It was crazy to drive up next to it. Freakish.

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