Sunday, November 20, 2005

What was that????

So, here I am...
in sunny HOT California. Yeah, thought I'd visit CA to race in a November heat wave. Today was the worst day I've ever had on a cross bike. (And yeah, I guess it was still better than my day job...) I should have dropped out. I went backwards after my miserable start. I was going to be DEAD last, but then, sadly, I saw Steph up ahead, running to the pit with a mechanical. I offered her my bike, but her mom was up ahead in the pit with her other bike. My back ached, I was probably dehydrated, I had NO POWER, just couldn't pedal, felt like I was breathing through a dirt-filled straw, and even cried during the race. It's not pretty when you get passed by all the local riders and then fear getting lapped. It was like an out-of-body experience. The whole day. I was so out-of-sorts. I was totally NOT "in it." I was as "out of it" as you can get. Pinch me!! Where am I??

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CTodd said...

The important question is:

Did you eat sushi???!?