Thursday, July 14, 2005

Day 5, Whitnall Park Road Race

Maybe today should have been a rest day for me. The first time I've ever raced 5 days straight, this race could easily have been spent snoozing. But there was a big bike race, just 30 minutes away, and I could sleep in and still get there, since it started at 4:30! Why drive all the way to Wisconsin and not race at very chance??

I suppose it's a bit of an experiment, really. How will I feel racing for 9 days straight? I think I might just find out.

So I drove to the race telling myself not to do it. I was tired, maybe mostly mentally, and could come back fresher tomorrow. I thought I would just go and check out the venue so I'd know what to expect if I do it next year. I had already prereg'd, and once I got there and saw everyone... well, I decided to at least start the race, maybe do a few laps, see how I feel. So I suited up, warmed up a bit, and sat at the back for awhile. I didn't really want to do anything in the race, just wanted to sit in.

The race consisted of 16 laps of a rolling 2.3-mile loop with one small climb nearing the finish. Nice course, really. Fun. Fast. At first I didn't feel motivated or strong, but by the end, my legs felt great, and I envisioned dreams of breaking away for a solo win. :) But I decided not to try anything dumb, to use the day as active rest and come back with more gas in the tank for tomorrow. I finished 31st, which means I won't even be listed on the results, and I'll drop further and further overall. But the next four days are crits, and I hope I can get in the mix. I can't believe I felt great today. I think maybe I have more in my tank than I know. I hope I can find it someday soon!

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peter said...

You NEVER know how you feel in a race until about 20 to 30 min of racing. I have no idea why this is. Your body or mind will give you unreliable information before the race. Breath deep and relax at the start of the race and see what is inside. Ain't this stuff fun?